DAX LASTDATE( ) function

I believe this is the first time I have written most of a blog post, then nuked it to start over. It was going “okay” I guess… attempting to show some patterns around (the fancy phrase) “semi-additive measures”. I was feeling pretty smart, but… I was feeling more and more lost as I wrote and meandered. I realized that I should probably focus more on the LASTDATE() function, which brings our boring story to present. This is also the first post with no images. So, at least we got that going for Continue Reading

Power BI : Custom Visual Development, Part 2

Has it seriously been like… 6 or 7 weeks since the first installment?  Geez.  Somewhere along the way I got stupid busy with “real” work, and lost the time to write the blog.  It happens.  A Lot. Anyway, in the previous article, I used the “built in” cloud experience for generating my custom visual (using that term pretty loosely, since it was the worst visual possible).  The super low barrier to entry was fantastic.  However, since then, the Power BI team have Continue Reading

Power BI : Custom Visual Development

Wherein our hapless hero attempts to understand the in and outs of developing Custom Visuals in Power BI… Background First, let me say that… the decision to open source the visuals for Power BI was such a great decision.  We have seen some very cool custom visuals.  Also, the ability to hit https://app.powerbi.com/devTools and just start typing out a new visual in a mostly javascript way is super approachable and vaguely fun. Unfortunately, that's kind of where the good news ends.  While Continue Reading

Using PowerShell as a data source in Power BI

Back in the good old days, when I had more time and ambition, I really wanted to make a “generic oData feed”… built into Excel.  The idea was that since Power Pivot could read oData… if I could make it super easy to convert any data source into an OData feed, then we could easily consume almost any data source.   For some reason I was always excited to feed the results of a PowerShell script into PowerPivot… probably because PowerShell is basically my favorite thing evar. Well, with the Continue Reading